protecting your intellectual property

I. Provisional, Non-Provisional, and Design Patents

  1. The Proactive Patent Prosecution Mindset:

    1. Why is it Important to Create a Patent Portfolio “Worthy of” Contingent Fee Representation?

    2. How to Create a Valuable Patent Portfolio.

    3. Proactive Patent Prosecution.

  2. Starting Your Portfolio:

    1. Starting The Patent Process with a Detailed Provisional Patent Application.

    2. Starting The Patent Process with a Comprehensive Design Patent Application

  3. Getting your First Issued Patent:

    1. Converting a Provisional to a Non-Provisional Application to Obtain Your First Issued Patent

    2. Before Your Patent Issues, File a Continuation!

  4. Strengthening your Position with Continuations:

  1. Mining the Patent Specification for Infringement Using Continuations

  2. Finding Forward Citations and Getting Claims Your Competitors Want Using Continuations