written by The Law Offices of James David Busch LLC. 

James is Licensed to Practice before the USPTO, in Illinois and Arizona.

Forging the Path to an Additional Eight Figures of Patent Licensing Revenue

While working with co-counsel representing a patent owner with over a dozen patents relating  to mobile phone devices and disclosure of related messaging techniques, the question was asked "can we assert claims of these patents against companies that send links to content to these mobile phones"?

Mr. Busch reviewed the portfolio of issued and pending claims with respect to the mobile messaging activities of the largest brick-and-mortar and online retailer companies at that time.  Based on his review of the market and issued claims, Mr. Busch then crafted the foundation of an infringement case against a large swath of companies that employed specific mobile messaging systems and methods that were infringing the clients claims.

Mr. Busch coordinated with co-counsel and consulting experts to file new sets of claims in continuing applications to help further strengthen the clients validity and infringement positions.

Mr. Busch also worked with co-counsel and consulting experts to create licensing and litigation claim charts during different phases of the patent licensing program, and depose or assist in the depositions of the Defendant’s key technical witnesses.

Ultimately, as published in industry articles, this enabled the client to recover at least an additional eight figures in licensing revenue:  

A Chicago-based firm called Helferich Patent Licensing LLC owns that patent, which its founder Richard Helefrich filed for in 1997. So far nearly 100 companies have settled with HPL for the $750,000 licensing fee, meaning a patent that you’d think would be ludicrous has earned its owner at least $75 million, if not more.

Preventing Patent Exhaustion When Licensing Multiple Levels of a Market